Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Know If I Have Water Damage?
There are both “easy-to-spot” damage and “hard-to-detect” ones. When you are seeing stagnant water after flooding or storm, for instance, you can safely say that there is water damage on your property. But there are more subtle damage too. This is the type of damage that it will be hard to detect by the human eye. You may notice stains on the walls or the ceiling. This may be less obvious to detect. The stains can develop into buckling or can emit bad, lingering smell. You can also see mold or mildew from the water trapped behind your walls. If you suspect you are having this problem, call us at (661) 434-5085 for immediate assistance. 

How Do I Know If The Water Damage Is Severe?
Water damage assessment isn’t an easy task. If you don’t have an eye which is trained for this, you surely couldn’t detect any damage at all. While water stains can become obvious, it is quite hard to trace where the leaking comes. Worse, you can’t just touch the water because it may contain harmful contaminants or there may be faulty electrical connections that could potentially harm you. Sometimes a problem can be more serious than how it appears before the naked eye. The only way for you to safely assess the damage is to seek help. Here at Water Damage Saugus, we do the water damage assessment as the first step in solving the problem. We have the necessary equipment for the assessment and we can do the inspection for you.